5:35 PM

INGREDIENTS:Custard powder, Sugar, Milk, Fruits of your interest (like apple, grapes, dry friuts, sapota, orange, mosambi, banana, pomogranate etc..)

  • Take a bowl, put 2 table spoons of custard powder in it, add 1/4th cup of milk from 500ml of milk to make a smooth paste
  • Boil the remaining milk, then add 4 table spoons of sugar, let it mix finely
  • Remove the bowl from stove, add the paste that you made before without any lumps
  • Now keep it again in low flame, and keep stirring continuously without any lumps (taste it and add sugar if required)
  • Finally take out from flame, refrigerate it for some time and can be serve cool (plain custard also tastes good)
  • Now cut the fruits of your own interest and add before serving
  • Serve chill


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